Hey guys

I want to help you create the best lebanese tabbouleh ever. Just read on and lets get to it. We need the below ingredients:

a- 1/2 cup of #1 fine grade bulgur wheat.
b- 3 bunches of fresh parsley
c- 1 pint diced tomatoes
d- 6 sprigs fresh mint, finely chopped.
e- juice of 2 medium sized lemons
f-  75 ml extra-virgin olive oil
g- 1/2 teaspoon salt
h- 1/4 teaspoon of smashed garlic
i-  (Optional) black pepper, to taste.
j-  Village foods tabbouleh mix.

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The real action is in the prepare part, chop...chop...chop...

The greatest part is to create the combo. Just mix everything when you are ready to serve. The result would really amaze you.

let me know